Customizing Active Update settings

Some Active Update settings, such as the number of the port to which SNS firewalls must connect, or the frequency of automatic updates, cannot be configured in the SMC web interface. However, these settings can be modified in a configuration file.

  1. Open the /data/config/activeupdate/config.ini file.


    AutoUpdatePeriod=0 */3 * * *

  2. Change the settings as desired:
    StateEnables the Active Update server on SMC.
    PortPort of the SMC server on which SNS firewalls must connect.
    HostNetwork interfaces on which the SMC server listens. 
    Replace this value with eth0, eth1 for example to indicate that only interfaces eth0 and eth1 are used.
    SourceURL of the Stormshield server from which Active Update databases are downloaded.

    List of Active Update databases that you wish to download from the SMC server. The values of the database categories are as follows. Separate them with commas.

    Database categoryValue
    All databasesALL
    Antispam: DNS blacklistsANTISPAM
    Antispam: heuristic engineVADERETRO
    Embedded URL databaseURLFILTERING
    Antivirus: ClamAV antivirus signaturesCLAMAV
    Antivirus: antivirus signatures of the previous Advanced Antivirus serviceKASPERSKY
    Antivirus: antivirus signatures of the new Advanced Antivirus serviceADVANCEDAV1
    IPS: contextual protection signaturesPATTERNS
    Root Certification AuthoritiesROOTCERTS
    Geolocation/Public IP reputationIPDATA
    Vulnerability managementSEISMO
    Application and web service iconsMETADATA
    TriesNumber of tries when the database update fails.
    AutoUpdatePeriodFrequency of database updates. The possible values are in CRON format. By default, 0 */3 * * * means that databases will be updated every 3 hours.
  3. Save the file. Changes will be immediately applied;
  4. Only if the State setting has been modified, restart the server SMCwith the command nrestart fwadmin-server.