SMC 3.1.5 fixes

SMC update

Updating from 2.8.x to 3.1.4 version

Support reference 84331

Because of an issue during migration of the authentication configuration on the SMC server, it is not possible to update from a 2.8.x version to the 3.1.4 version. Version 3.1.5 fixes this issue. You can now update from SMC 2.8.x to SMC 3.1.5.

SNS firewall monitoring

Status of licensing options

Support reference 84121

When at least one of the license options Breach Fighter, Extended Web Control, Kaspersky, Stormshield Vulnerability Manager and Industrial Security Pack had expired for a firewall, SMC displayed the Critical status, even if the option was no longer used.

The warning for the imminent expiry of license options is now disabled by default.

The Administration guide will help you enabling the feature.

Configuration of SNS firewalls

Managing network interfaces

Support reference 84270

SMC could not display the network interfaces of an SNS firewall which used an interface of the type aggregate. This issue has been fixed and SMC now automatically displays all the types of managed interfaces.