Configuring the warning for the imminent expiry of license options

The status icons that appear in the upper banner of the interface as well as the Licensing options column in the firewall monitoring panel may show a Critical or Not critical status when subscribed license options (Breach Fighter, Extended Web Control, Advanced Antivirus, Stormshield Vulnerability Manager, Industrial Security Pack) have expired or are about to expire.

This warning is disabled by default.

The environment variables SMC_FW_LICENSE_WARNING_INT and SMC_FW_LICENSE_CRITICAL_INT make it possible to enable warnings and configure time frames.

To enable warnings:

  1. Log in to the SMC server via the console of your hypervisor or in SSH.
  2. Add the environment variables SMC_FW_LICENSE_WARNING_INT = 90 and SMC_FW_LICENSE_CRITICAL_INT = 30.
  3. Restart the server with the command nrestart fwadmin-server.

In this example, a firewall will start displaying a Not critical status beginning 90 days before license options expire and Critical beginning 30 days before license options expire.