Creating a key pair in 3DS Outscale for SSH access

To secure SSH access to your SMC server, you must select an existing key pair when you create your SMC instance in 3DS Outscale, as shown in the section Deploying the SMC server via the 3DS Outscale Marketplace.

If there is no such key pair, or if you wish to use a new key pair for this instance, you can create it as follows from the 3DS Outscale Cockpit console:

  1. Open the Network/Security menu.

  2. Select Keypairs.

  3. Click on Create.

  4. Enter a name for the new SSH key and click on Create. A key will then be generated; you can download it from the dialog box that opens.

  5. Download the key pair and save it in a safe location on your computer.

When you sign in to your SMC server in SSH, enter as a connection argument the identification file corresponding to this key pair. For example:

ssh -i demo_keypair.pem outscale@<your_elastic_IP>

You cannot connect to your SMC server in SSH directly with the root user. You must log in with the outscale user account.