Removing SNS firewalls from the SMC server

  1. To stop managing a firewall from the SMC server and remove it from the list of firewalls in the web interface, scroll over the name of the firewall in Monitoring > Firewalls and select the red cross.
    Delete firewall icon
    The firewall will no longer be able to connect to the SMC server.
  2. As a second step, connect to the firewall in SSH or via the console of your hypervisor and enter the following command lines:

    nstop cad
    setconf /Firewall/ConfigFiles/Cad/cad Server State 0
    rm /Firewall/ConfigFiles/Cad/*.pem

    The firewall will stop trying to connect to the SMC server.
    In the case of a high availability cluster, enter these commands on the active node of the cluster and synchronize both nodes.