Loading and deploying a former configuration

Each configuration deployed on firewalls is saved in the deployment history and can be loaded and deployed again.

To see the deployment history and deploy a configuration again:

  1. Go to Deployment > Deployment history.
  2. Select a deployment and click the icon Restore configuration icon to restore the configuration. Ongoing changes in the current configuration will be lost.
  3. Repeat the steps described in the section Deploying a configuration on firewalls to deploy a configuration on firewalls.

If you load a configuration which is not the latest in the history, a warning message appears at the top of the window. The message remains until you deploy the configuration on firewalls or until you load the latest configuration deployed.

The deployment history is cleared every time the SMC server is updated, therefore containing only the revisions of a current version. The history cannot be used to restore the configuration of an older version after the update.