Accessing the web administration interface of firewalls

The SMC server web interface does not allow configuring all parameters of a firewall. To complete the configuration, it is possible to connect directly to the web administration interface of a firewall, without the need to authenticate.

  1. Go to Monitoring > Firewalls.
  2. Scroll over the name of a firewall. The firewall must be on line.
  3. Click on the Firewall interface icon icon.

Authentication on the firewall is automatic:

  • You do not need to set a login on this firewall,
  • You do not need to configure any authorized administration host in the web administration interface of the firewall,
  • Logging out from the SMC server web interface automatically disconnects the user from the firewall's web administration interface.

The indication "Managed by SMC" appears at the top of the firewall administration interface.

For more information about the web administration interface, refer to the Stormshield NetworkUser Configuration Manual.