Optimizing the maintenance of databases

Perform the following operations to ensure that your SQL Server databases are in optimal working condition:

  • Regular database backups,

  • Index defragmentation,

  • Integrity checks.

Maintenance operations on SES Evolution are best performed with the help of scripts and SQL Server stored procedures. You can use the free script that Ola Hallengren provides, with which a full maintenance solution can be set up. The MaintenanceSolution.sql script installs the following components:

  • Several stored procedures:
    • DatabaseBackup: SQL Server backup
    • DatabaseIntegrityCheck: SQL Server integrity check
    • IndexOptimize: Maintenance of SQL Server statistics and indexes
  • A CommandLog table containing logs of operations performed.
  • Jobs that allow task execution to be scheduled.
    List of SQL Server maintenance tasks

    With SQLServer Express, use the Windows Task Scheduler or an external scheduler as SQLAgent is not available.