Configuring daily maintenance tasks

SES Evolution automatically conducts maintenance daily on the database to:

  • Defragment indexes and optimize database performance,

  • Delete the oldest logs in the log database. To set the criteria for deleting logs, refer to Managing the deletion of logs.

This maintenance task is scheduled by default to run at 00:00 at the backend's local time, but you can change the time. You are advised to schedule this maintenance before other SQL Server maintenance operations. This makes it possible to proceed with smaller backups later.

To configure daily maintenance tasks:

  1. Select the Backoffice > System menu and click on the desired database tab, Administration or Logs.

  2. In the upper banner, click on Edit.

  3. In Daily database maintenance, enter the time at which you wish to run this maintenance task.

  4. Click on Save at the top right of the window to save changes.