Installing SES Evolution

The SES Evolution Installation Center Installation center icon takes you through the various steps in a standard or demo installation.

The solution’s components can either be installed on the same machine or on separate machines.

Read the following recommendations before installing SES Evolution:

  • The console, backend component and databases must be installed on hosts that belong to the same Active Directory domain, or on two domains that have a relationship of trust.

  • The SQL Server is needed to install databases.

  • You are advised to install the backend component and databases in a trusted zone.

  • Do not install the backend component or agent handler on a domain controller.

  • Administrator privileges are required to install the solution.

  • Before installing a full server or the backend component, it is recommended to disable Windows update and to enable it again afterwards.

  • On a backend component or an agent handler, the "%PROGRAMDATA%\SES Evolution" folder should be excluded from the antivirus scan on the workstation in order to optimize performance. SES Evolution indeed uses many compressed cab files, which trigger the antivirus analysis.

  • An SES Evolution agent can be installed on a backend component or an agent handler; an appropriate security policy is provided by default to protect them.

If you encounter issues while installing SES Evolution, look up the log files located in the administrator’s AppData/Local/Temp folder.