Controlling Wi-Fi access

This protection mode controls how mobile workstations access Wi-Fi networks by:

  • Allowing or preventing the use of Wi-Fi connections and defining a whitelist of Wi-Fi access points in the form of rules, based on the SSID of the Wi-Fi network and/or MAC address of the Wi-Fi access point,
  • Allowing or preventing the use of ad hoc Wi-Fi connections,
  • Forcing the use of secure authentication protocols.

Wi-Fi connections are disabled by default in protection rule sets. If there are several protection rule sets in your security policy, ensure that you enable the policy only for the set(s) in which you want to configure Wi-Fi access, and arrange your rule sets in the right order in the policy. If you enable and allow Wi-Fi access in a rule set near the top of the policy, this rule may overload and cancel the effect of the Wi-Fi access configuration in the rule sets that follow.

Depending on certain events, the block policy for Wi-Fi connections inside or outside a perimeter can be enabled using conditional policies. For more information, refer to the section Assigning a security policy to agents.