Changing the owner of a volume

This function is an advanced feature that must be used with care, and which requires the application of a specific security policy..

The new owner must be from the list of authorized users. To add the new owner, refer to the section Editing the list of users.

  1. In the settings of the .json configuration file of the policy that is applied to the workstation of the user in question, indicate the following parameters:

    "diskPolicy": {
    "enableRescueFileModification": true,
    "enableExpertMode": true

    For more information on how to edit the security policy, refer to the Advanced configuration guide.
  1. Deploy the updated policy file again on the workstation of the user in question.
  2. On the user's workstation, ensure that the connected user is the owner of the volume, then open the folder that contains the container file in Windows Explorer. This folder contains the container file (extension .vbox) and another file of the same name but with the extension .vboxsave (this is the backup file).
  3. Right-click on the .vboxsave file and select Properties.
  4. Select the Stormshield Data Virtual Disk tab and click on the + sign to the left of the authorized users to see the full list.
  5. Right-click on the name of the new owner and choose Select as new owner.

If the Select as new owner option is not offered, this means that the .json file file has not been correctly edited or deployed on the workstation. It is also possible that the current connected user is not the owner of the volume.

Once the new owner has been selected, a warning message will appear at the bottom of the window to inform you that the list of users authorized to use the .vboxsave file is different from the list for the .vbox file.

  1. Click on Update volume to synchronize both lists.

If you change the owner of the volume when you are not its owner, the volume must be recovered. To do so, you must be authorized to perform a recovery. Refer to the SDS Enterprise Administration guide for more information.