Getting started

Welcome to the Stormshield Data Security Enterprise version 11.0 advanced user guide.

In the documentation, Stormshield Data Security Enterprise is referred to in its short form: SDS Enterprise and Stormshield Data Management Center as: SDMC.

This guide is intended for administrators, and contains information that you will need to use the SDS Enterprise solution on user workstations. The guide describes the simple and advanced use of SDS Enterprise features.

SDS Enterprise guarantees the protection and confidentiality of data stored on local, shared or cloud-based folders, by relying on the transparent end-to-end encryption built into communication and collaboration tools With it, access to protected data can also be restricted to defined groups and user profiles.

The SDS Enterprise agent installed on user workstations provides the following features:

  • Real-time transparent file encryption, for transfer by e-mail or secure backup;
  • Automatic encryption of files stored in local folders or in folders of spaces synchronized with online hosting services OneDrive, DropBox, SharePoint and Oodrive,
  • Encryption and signature of e-mails, making it possible to protect the data that they contain, and guarantee the authenticity of their sender’s identity and the integrity of their contents;
  • Sharing of encrypted files with co-workers over my company’s network;
  • Secure and irreversible erasure of data;
  • Electronic signature of files and folders, making it possible guarantee the authenticity of their sender’s identity and the integrity of their contents;
  • Encryption of virtual disks, making it possible to store protected files; These virtual disks can be shared among co-workers;

The SDMC administration console makes it possible to configure the use of features on workstations. For more information, refer to the SDS Enterprise administration guide.