Logging in to SDS Enterprise

After installation, the SDS Enterprise agent will automatically run every time the users start Windows.

Users must log in to SDS Enterprise to use SDS Enterprise features. To do so, they must have a properly configured user account. For more information on how to create accounts, refer to the to the StormshieldAdministration guide.

Several users can use the same computer, but only one user per open session may use SDS Enterprise. A SDS Enterprise security policy applies to all users of the workstation.

When users connect to SDS Enterprise, their identities are verified and their keys and settings can be accessed.

In smart card or token mode, users simply need to insert their smart cards or tokens to open the SDS Enterprise menu. The connection window directly opens if the smart card or token is already inserted in the drive. If you are using a virtual smart card, log in as shown below.

To log in to SDS Enterprise:

  1. Double-click on the SDS Enterprise icon grayed out SDSE icon in the Windows system tray.
  2. Enter the password or confidential code, depending on the account type.
  3. Click on OK.

If you enter your password incorrectly too many times (default is three tries), your account will be blocked. To unblock it, refer to the SDS Enterprise administration guide.

If you are using a Single Sign-On (SSO) account, users are connected automatically and transparently.