Creating smart card or USB token accounts

To create a smart card or USB token account, enable automatic account creation in SDMC so that the account creation process is transparent for the user when they insert their USB token or smart card for the first time. You can also manually create an account from the agent on the workstation.

In either case, the Stormshield Data Card Extension feature must be installed on users' workstations, with the other features from the SDS Enterprise agent. For more information, refer to the sections Deploying the SDS Enterprise agent installation package on user workstations and Configuring the middleware required for Card or USB token accounts.

With a smart card or a USB token:

  • Your private keys and certificates are stored on the smart card,
  • The smart card will perform the calculations (signature and decryption) that generate your private keys.

When an account associated with a smart card is created, the smart card must already contain the associated private keys and certificates.