Setting account creation parameters

In Policies > Accounts > Creation, configure the parameters for the creation of user accounts. User accounts can then be created manually or automatically from SDS Enterprise agents. For further information on creating accounts, refer to Creating and managing SDS Enterprise accounts on user workstations.

General settings

Allow or prohibit the creation of smart card, USB token or password accounts on the SDS Enterprise agent.

Smart card and USB token accounts can either be created manually or automatically. Password accounts can only be created manually.

These settings are not available when you select an SSO account.

Key management

Specify whether you are creating an account with a single key (encryption or signature) or an account with two keys (encryption key and signature key).

For the automatic creation of accounts on the agent, select the certification authority(ies) that issue(s) the keys to use to create the account. The authorities found in the list are the ones that were already declared in the certificate library. For more information, refer to the section Managing authority certificates and recovery certificates in SDMC.

Password account creation
Password strength

Select the password strength criteria for password accounts. These settings are not available when you select an SSO account.

Manual creation of password accounts

For the manual creation of password accounts:

Select the source of user certificates (public keys): you can either import certificates in the form of .p12 files, or generate .p12 certificates locally

If you select Generate .p12 certificates locally, SDS Enterprise will generate self-certified certificates when the account is created. Next:

  • Select the size of the keys that SDS Enterprise will generate when it creates the account.

  • Set the validity period of the certificates in years When creating an account or When renewing a key.