Configuring Stormshield Data Share

Stormshield Data Share allows users to automatically encrypt files saved in shared spaces synchronized with online hosting services DropBox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Oodrive. This feature depends on Stormshield Data File and cannot run without it.

For more information, refer to the section Automatically protecting folders in the SDS Enterprise Advanced user guide.

To enable automatic protection:

  1. In Policies > Features > Share, select the type(s) of synchronized spaces for which you would like to enable automatic protection.

  2. In the Advanced menu, choose whether to protect all shared space content or a selection of folders. For the second option, select Protect only the folders below and add the name or relative path of one or several folders (e.g., Data\Project to protect only the sub-folder Project).

As Stormshield Data Team does not secure folders in shared spaces, you are advised to configure Team so that its menus do not appear when you right-click on a synchronized folder.

To exclude synchronized folders from the Team perimeter:

  • Configure the excludedFolders parameter in the security policy's .json file. For more information, see section Stormshield Data Team in the Advanced configuration guide.