SNS Life Cycle matrices


This table defines some terms used in Life Cycle matrices below

For more information about End of Life and End of Sale notions, refer to section Life Cycle management policy in this document.

First Availability

The product / service is available to public starting from this date

End of Sale

It is no longer possible to purchase the hardware product, or a license / initial subscription for this product / service after this date

End of Life

After this date, the product / service is no longer maintained (updates, hardware warranty, support), except for special conditions granted by Stormshield

Min SNS firmware version

The product / service requires this SNS version (or higher) to be operational

Max SNS firmware version

The product / service is no longer operational beyond this SNS version

Displaying a SNS version as technically compatible with a hardware model, a software version or a service, does not necessarily imply that this SNS version is still maintained and supported under Stormshield maintenance contracts.
Refer to section Firmware versions to check the current status of each SNS version.