Looking up the database of official web services and checking whether it is up to date

This section explains how to look up the database of official web services and how to check whether it is up to date.

Looking up the official web service database

From the Stormshield Security Portal

  1. Go to https://security.stormshield.eu/index.php/webservices/.

  2. Look up the official web services in the table. For each web service, you will see the number of IP addresses and FQDNs that it contains, as well as any of its known dependencies on other web services.

From the SNS firewall's administration interface

  1. Go to Configuration > Objects > Web services, List of web services tab.

  2. Official web services appear. Scroll over one to show its properties:

    • Name: name of the official web service,

    • Description: short description of what the web service contains,

    • Read only: official web services are always in read-only mode,

    • Revision number and Revised on: these items change as soon as the SNS firewall retrieves a new version of information about the web service,

    • URL: list of URLs where information about the web service can be looked up with the provider.

Checking whether the database of official web services is up to date

The database of official web services is regularly and automatically updated with the SNS firewall's Active Update module. To check whether the official web service database is up to date:

  1. In the SNS firewall's administration interface, go to Monitoring > Monitoring > System, Active Update section.

  2. Ensure that the status Up to date appears in the Geolocation/reputation & web services and Application icons and web services modules.

    If the status Disabled or Failure appears, check in Configuration > System > Active Update that automatic updates are enabled on the modules in question, and that the SNS firewall can contact the update servers found in the Advanced properties area.

Requesting Stormshield to add web services to the official database

  1. Log in to your MyStormshield personal area.

  2. Go to Technical support > Request for webservice detection.

  3. Fill out the requested information. The Web service name and Web service URL fields are mandatory. The provider must provide information about the web service in question (IP addresses and FQDNs) at a public URL. Without it, Stormshield will not be able to add the web service to the official database.

  4. Click on Send.

You will receive a reply as soon as possible at the e-mail address associated with your MyStormshield account. In the meantime, you can add the web service to your SNS firewall's custom database (refer to the chapter Looking up and managing the custom web service database). If the web service is eventually added to the official database, don't forget to delete it from the custom database.