IPv4 and IPv6

SN VPN Client Exclusive is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, both for communicating with the gateway and with the remote network. The VPN Client allows you to combine the use of IPv4 and IPv6, for example to open a secure IPv4 connection in a VPN tunnel transported over IPv6.

The choice between IPv4 and IPv6 is made either based on the IP address if it is digital or based on the DNS resolution. In the latter case, the resolution of the gateway name will provide an IPv4 or IPv6 IP address, or both. If both are provided, preference is given to the IPv4 address.

For IKEv2 VPN tunnels, the IPv4 or IPv6 protocol configuration can be accessed in the top-right corner of the Child SA tab.

The IP protocol configured using the IPv4/IPv6 button is exactly the same as the protocol used on the remote network.

Choosing between IPv4 and IPv6 has an impact on the settings of the tunnel’s other configuration tabs. The IPv4/IPv6 selection button therefore still is shown on the top-right corner of these other tabs, but it is disabled.