Fallback tunnel

SN VPN Client Exclusive is equipped with a fallback tunnel function, which automatically attempts to open a second tunnel if the first one cannot be opened.

This function can be configured on the Automation tab of each tunnel IKEv2 or SSL).

Tunnel to switch to

This field displays the list of tunnels to which the software can automatically switch if the current tunnel is unavailable.

Message to display

As this function can automatically switch from one tunnel to another, with the second being, for example, less secure than the first, this option is used to display a warning message to the user. This message will be displayed every time the connection switches to the fallback tunnel.

Max. number of retries

The number of fallback attempts is set to avoid infinite switching loops (tunnel 1 falling back to tunnel 2 falling back in turn to tunnel 1).

Allow the user to refuse the fallback

Used to configure the fallback function so that the user gets to decide whether to fall back from one tunnel to another.