URL database tab

This tab allows changing the URL categories provider/certificate name.

According to the type of option subscribed (See Stormshield Network’s current pricing policy), the available URL lists are updated dynamically by a URL database provider. When a “standard” maintenance service is subscribed, by default, Stormshield Network URL lists will be suggested.

The new provider Extended Web Control offers a URL database hosted in the cloud. The advantage of this URL filter is its higher quality compared to the embedded solutions.

If you have subscribed to the option Stormshield Network EWC, in order to enable the URL filter feature on Extended Web Control URL lists, select the entry from the list of suggested providers.

URL database provider By default, Stormshield Network’s URL database will be selected.

Updates for Stormshield Network URL lists can be downloaded from the Active Update module. This module allows you to modify the addresses of update servers if a mirror site is used.

A box below the drop-down list displays the information concerning the URL categories of the provider currently in use (names of categories and their descriptions).

If the provider has been changed, a warning message will appear, informing the user that any URL filter policy using a category from the current provider will cease to operate. During the migration, you are advised to apply a URL filter policy that does not involve URL categories that are about to be deleted. This is due to different category names according to the URL databases.
Likewise, older URL filter policies with rules containing Extended Web Control categories have to be rewritten with the categories from the Stormshield Network Extended Web Control database.

If the servers are temporarily inaccessible, a page will indicate that the query mechanism for the classification of the site will be automatically relaunched.