Groups of categories tab

Table of groups

This screen allows creating groups of URL or certificate categories:

  • A URL category group may contain customized or dynamic URL categories (URL database).
  • A Certificate category group may contain customized or dynamic certificate categories (URL database).

It consists of 2 parts: one of the groups, and a second for the contents of the groups.

Search The search field allows you to find category groups by letter or with keywords.
Filter This button allows selecting which object types to display.
A drop-down menu allows you to display only URL category groups or Certificate category groups .
Add Creates a new group.
A window appears when you click on this button, allowing you to choose between creating a URL category group or a Certificate category group .
  1. Indicate the name of the group and comments in the relevant field.
    The left column lists the customized categories (URLs or certificates) and the known dynamic categories (URL database).
  2. Select the categories to integrate into the group in the left column
  3. Copy them using the arrows in the right column listing the objects contained in the group.
Delete Deletes an existing group.
  1. Select the line to be deleted
  2. Click on this button.
    A confirmation message will appear and if the group is in use, a warning message will ask you again what you wish to do.
Check usage Allows checking whether the group selected earlier is being used in a configuration.
When you click on this button, a panel will appear in the tree structure of the modules and indicate the modules that use this group.


The fields in this section allow editing the name of the group and adding comments, if any.

The table summarizes all the customized or dynamic categories contained in the group selected in the left column. The button Edit this group shows a window similar to the creation window, allowing categories to be added to or deleted from the group.