Advanced configuration

Data lifetime (days) [1 – 30]: Duration for which data (application, vulnerability) will be kept without traffic or updates detected.

Exclusion list (unmonitored objects)

Network object (host or group – network – address range) Once objects have been associated with their profiles, one or several objects can be excluded from the analysis.
As such, regardless of the configuration of the monitored objects, the members of this exclusion list will not be monitored.
Objects to be excluded can be selected in this table by clicking on Add.

The application inventory carried out by Stormshield Network Vulnerability Manager is based on the IP address of the host that initiates traffic in order to index applications.
For hosts that have an IP address shared by several users, for example an HTTP proxy, a TSE server or even a router that performs dynamic NAT on the source may cause a significant load on the module. You are therefore advised to place the addresses of these hosts in an exclusion list (unsupervised elements).