Possible operations

Search bar

Enter the name of the user or user group you are looking for.

The search field will list all users and/or user groups with first names, last names and/or logins that match the keywords entered.

If you type “a” in the search bar, the list below it will show all users and/or user groups with first names and/or last names containing an “a”.


This button allows you to select the type of CN to display. A drop-down menu offers the following choices:

Groups and users This option is represented by the icon , which makes it possible to display all users and user groups in the list of CNs on the left.
Users This option is represented by the icon , which makes it possible to display only users in the left column.
Groups This option is represented by the icon , which makes it possible to display only user groups in the left column.

Add user

To create a user, enter at least a login and a name. To associate a certificate with this user, you will need to indicate a valid e-mail address.

ID (login) User’s login
Name User’s last name
First name User’s first name
Mail User’s e-mail address, This will be useful for creating certificates.
Phone number User’s telephone number
Description Description of the user

The fields “ID”, “First name” and “Last name” cannot be modified after the user is created.

To confirm the creation of your user and to save changes made, click on Apply.

A window that allows creating a password for this user will then appear:

Password Enter the user’s password.
Confirm password Confirm password
Password strength A gauge indicating the robustness of the password will appear.

Click on Apply in this window to confirm the creation of the password.

The creation of the user’s password is not mandatory. Simply click on Cancel in the window to skip this step.

Add group

The Users module allows you to enter information about the group you wish to create in the right column.

Group name Give your group a name in order to identify it in the list of CNs.

You will not be able to change the name of the group after you have created it.

Description You can provide a description of the group and modify the contents of the description whenever necessary.
This field is optional but you are advised to fill it in.


Filter (search bar) You can enter a character string in order to filter the list of members, or clear the field to see the whole list.
Add Users can be added to a group in 2 ways:
  • When you click on Add, a new line will appear at the top of the table. Expand the list of existing users with the help of the arrow on the right and select the user you wish to add to the group.
  • You can also drag and drop users by importing them from the list of CNs in the left column.
Delete To remove a member of the group, select it and click on Delete.
When a user is deleted, the administrator will be prompted to revoke his certificate.

To confirm the creation of your group and to save changes made, click on Apply.


This button allows deleting a user or a group:

  1. Select the user or group to be deleted.
  2. Click on Remove.
    A window will appear with the message “Delete the user <name of user>?“.
  3. Select Yes to proceed.

Check usage

Represented by the icon , this button will show you which groups users belong to, as well as where the user or group is used in the rest of the configuration.

  1. Select the user or group for which you wish to check usage.
  2. Click on Check usage.
    The menu directory on the left will show you the user/group (via its ID) in the tab Users and groups, and displays the list of groups to which this user belongs, as well as its use in the configuration of the firewall.

Reset user’s TOTP enrollment

This button is enabled only when the selected user authenticated on the firewall with a TOTP.

When you click on this button, the user’s TOTP enrollment will be reset: the next time this user connects to services on the firewall that use TOTP authentication, he or she will need to start the whole process of TOTP enrollment all over again.

Users with administration privileges cannot be deleted from the TOTP database.

Interactive features

Some operations listed in the taskbar can be performed by right-clicking on the table of users/groups (CN table):

  • Adding users,
  • Adding groups,
  • Deleting (the user or the selected group),
  • Checking usage (of the user or the selected group),
  • Resetting the selected user’s TOTP enrollment.