The buttons in this strip allow you to configure the profiles associated with URL filtering.

Selecting a profile

The drop-down list offers 10 profiles, numbered from 00 to 09. Each profile is named “Default” by default, accompanied by its number.

  • Defaut00,
  • (1) Default01…

To select a profile, click on the arrow to the right of the field in which “Default00” is displayed by default, and select the desired profile. Each profile is configured as follows by default:

State Action URL category or group Comments
On Pass any default rule (decrypt all)


Edit This function allows performing 3 operations on profiles:
  • Rename: by clicking on this option, a window comprising two fields will appear. It will allow you to modify the name and add comments. Once the operation has been performed, click on “Update”. This operation can also be cancelled.
  • Reinitialize: allows resetting the profile to its initial configuration, thereby deleting all changes made to the profile. The profile becomes “active” again thanks to the Pass action applied to all URL categories or their groups.
  • Copy to: This option allows copying a profile to another, with all the information from the copied profile transmitted to the receiving profile. It will also have the same name.
Last modification This icon allows finding out the exact date and time of the last modification. Comments can also be added.
URL database provider This link redirects to the module that allows configuring the URL database provider (Objects / URL module / URL database tab).