IPv4/IPv6 return routes tab

When several gateways are used for load balancing, this tab will allow defining the gateway through which return packets will need to go in order to guarantee the consistence of connections.

The IPv6 Return routes tab can only be accessed if IPv6 is enabled in the firewall’s configuration.

Return routes

Possible operations

Some operations can also be performed by right-clicking in the grid.


Adds a row to the grid. An added route (sending of a command) is effective only if its fields Gateway and Interface have been entered.

Delete Deletes one or several selected routes.

Once the changes have been made:

Apply Sends the configuration of the return routes.
Cancel Cancels the configuration of the return routes.

Return routes


Specifies the status of the return route configuration. Double-click to enable or disable a route.


Clicking in this column will open the objects database to select a host or a virtual interface (IPsec). If the object is a host object, it must specify a MAC address. This field is optional.


A drop-down list allows selecting the outgoing interface for the return route. This field is mandatory.


Optional field to enter any text.