Dynamic routing tab

Bird supports the following versions of dynamic routing protocols:

  • Ripv2,
  • OSPFv2 for IPv4 and OSPFv3 for IPv6,
  • BGPv4 for IPv4 and IPv6.

This tab allows enabling and configuring the Bird dynamic routing engine.

Enable dynamic routing (Bird) This option enables the use of the Bird dynamic routing engine when it is selected.

The window below this checkbox allows you to enter the configuration of the Bird dynamic routing engine directly.

For further information on how to configure dynamic routing or on migrating from ZebOS to BIRD, please refer to the BIRD Dynamic routing technical note, available on the Stormshield Technical Documentation website.

Advanced properties

Restart dynamic routing when the firewall becomes active (high availability) In a cluster implementing the OSPF dynamic routing protocol, the active firewall would have the role of OSPF DR (Designated Router). This option makes it possible to ensure that during a switch the active firewall does not fail to detect that it has inherited the role of OSPF Designated Router. It is enabled by default.
Add IPv4 networks distributed via dynamic routing to the table of protected networks In the table listing the intrusion prevention system's protected networks, this option allows automatically injecting networks spread by the dynamic routing engine (IPv4 / IPv6).

Sending the configuration

Changes made in this window can be confirmed using the "Apply" button.

Once the configuration has been sent to the firewall, and if there are syntax errors, a message indicating the row numbers containing errors will inform the user of the need to correct the configuration.