Network traffic

An important element of Quality of Service is the resolution of a major issue – the high rate of packet loss over the internet. When a packet is lost before it reaches its destination, the resources involved in its transmission will be wasted. In certain cases, this can even lead to severe congestion which may completely paralyze the systems.

The need for the stability and "real time" of videoconferencing applications is no longer the case today. The optimized control of congestion and the management of data queues has become a major challenge in Quality of Service.

Stormshield Network Firewalls employ two algorithms for congestion management – TailDrop and BLUE. However, Stormshield Network recommends the use of BLUE for managing congestion.

Treatment when full This option allows defining the congestion treatment algorithm, which aims to prevent slowdowns.

The Default queue setting has been removed from the web administration interface, as it could enable QoS on all of the firewall’s interfaces. This option has been kept as an advanced property via the serverd command line.
This option allows selecting the default queue from the choice of defined queues. More precisely, this option allows choosing how the default traffic (which does not correspond to any queue) will be treated in relation to the rest of the traffic. By default, this traffic type has priority over traffic treated by QoS (“Top priority”), but it is possible to subject the traffic to a certain queue by selecting it from this drop-down list.