IEC 61850 SV (IPS)

IEC61850 is a communication standard that protection systems on substations use in the electrical energy industry.

Specifically, IEC 61850 is used in communications between intelligent electronic devices located on distribution substations in a power grid. Intelligent electronic devices, also known as IEDs, essentially include microprocessor-based protective relays, measuring devices, programmable logic controllers, and fault and event recorders. With these devices, power grids can be monitored in real time, therefore making the substation “intelligent”.

General settings

Timeout in seconds for Ethernet connection [2-604800] This value is the period after which IEC 61850 SV connections without responses will be deleted, and must be between 2 and 604800 seconds.
The default value is 60 days.


Disable intrusion prevention When this option is selected, the analysis of the IEC 61850 SV protocol will be disabled and traffic will be allowed if the filter policy allows it.
Log every IEC 61850 SV request Enables or disables logs that capture IEC 61850 SV requests.