POP3 Commands tab


Main commands

This menu allows you to authorize or reject POP3 commands defined in the RFCs. You can let commands pass, block them or analyze the syntax and check that the command complies with the current RFCs in force.

Modify all commands button: allows authorizing, rejecting or checking all commands.

Command Indicates the name of the command.
Action Allows defining the behavior of the command out of 3 possibilities. Click on the command’s action to modify it:
  • Scan: data relating to the command will be scanned in compliance with the RFCs and blocked where necessary.
  • Example: If the name of the USER command does not comply with the RFCs, the packet will not be sent to the server.

  • Pass without scanning: the command will be authorized, without being checked.
  • Block: the command will be blocked automatically, and an alarm will be raised to indicate it.
  • Javascript (files with a ".js" extension).

Other commands allowed

Command This field allows adding additional personal commands.