Profiles screen

“IPS” tab

Automatically detect and inspect the protocol If this protocol has been enabled, it will automatically be used for discovering corresponding packets in filter rules.

MGCP session parameters

Maximum command size (bytes) A command can contain between 32 and 1024 bytes.
Max no. of parameters per command The number of parameters that can appear in a command has to be between 32 and 1024 bytes.
Maximum SDP parameter size (bytes) The SDP parameter automatically validates the launch of applications in a session from the client’s www or by mail. Its size has to be between 32 and 1024 bytes.
Maximum idle time (seconds) The maximum idle duration for a session has to be between 60 and 604800 bytes.


Disable intrusion prevention When this option is selected, the scan of the MGCP protocol will be disabled and traffic will be authorized if the filter policy allows it