ICAP tab

HTTP response (reqmod)

The ICAP protocol targets mainly web and mail content. It provides HTTP proxies (for web) and SMTP relays (for mail) with an interface.

Send HTTP requests to the ICAP server

Each client request to a website is sent to the ICAP server.

ICAP Server

Server Indicates the ICAP server.
ICAP Port Indicates the ICAP port.
Name of ICAP service Indicates the name of the service to set up. This information varies according to the solution used, the ICAP server as well as the port used.

Authentication  on the ICAP server

Information available on the firewall can be used for performing ICAP services.


It is possible to define in an ICAP server that a certain site is intended for a certain user. In this case, you will be able to filter according to an LDAP ID or an IP address.

Send the username/group name This option allows using information relating to the LDAP base (especially the logins of authenticated users).
Send client’s IP address This option allows using IP addresses of HTTP clients who send requests to Adapter (object used for translating between the ICAP format and the requested format).

Advanced properties

Whitelist (will not be sent to the ICAP server)

HTTP server (Host – Network – Address range) Adds hosts, networks or address ranges whose details will not be sent to the ICAP server. These items can be deleted from the list at any time.