Analyzing files tab

Maximum size for antivirus and sandboxing analysis (KB) In this field, you can set the maximum size used to analyze files, and configure the action to take if the file exceeds the allowed size.

When a size limit is manually set for analyzed data, ensure that all values are consistent, as the total memory space corresponds to the resources reserved for all antivirus services. If you define the size limit for data analyzed over FTP as 100% of the total size, no other files can be analyzed at the same time.


This option corresponds to the maximum size of files that will be scanned.
The default size depends on the firewall model:

  • S model firewalls (SN160(W), SN210(W) and SN310): 4000 KB.
  • M model firewalls (SN510, SN710, SNi20 and SNi40): 4000 KB.
  • L model firewalls (SN910): 8000 KB.
  • XL model firewalls (EVA1, EVA2, EVA3,EVA4, EVAU, SN2000, SN2100, SN3000, SN3100, SN6000 and SN6100): 16000 KB.

Analyzing files This option makes it possible to choose the type of file that needs to be analyzed: “downloaded and sent” files; “downloaded only” or “sent only” files.

Actions on files

When a virus is detected This field contains two options. "Pass" and "Block". By selecting “Block”, the analyzed file will not be sent. By selecting “Pass”, the antivirus will send the file as is.
When the antivirus scan fails This option defines the behavior of the antivirus module if the analysis of the file it is scanning fails.

The file could not be scanned as it is locked.
If Block is specified, the file being scanned will not be sent.
If Pass without analyzing is specified, the file being scanned will be sent.

When data collection fails This option defines the behavior of the antivirus module when certain events occur. It is possible to Block traffic when information retrieval fails, or Pass without analyzing.