EPMAP protocol

This protocol allows launching procedures that are remotely hosted (bootstrap) through the distribution of an MS-RPC service’s IP address and protocol. The options of this module may restrict the use of these relays. Dynamic connections can be opened on EPMAP (portmapper).

Automatically detect and inspect the protocol If this protocol has been enabled, it will automatically be used for discovering corresponding packets in filter rules.

Dynamic connections

As this protocol is used for relaying access to Microsoft services, the following options allow restricting the services and options relayed by the EPMAP server.

Allow dynamic opening of MS RPC services connections This option allows MS RPC services to open connections without having to authorize them explicitly with a filter rule.
Block services provided by other servers than the EPMAP server If this option has been selected, only services relayed by the connection’s recipient EPMAP server will be authorized.
Only relay to Microsoft Exchange services If this option has been selected, only Microsoft Exchange services will be relayed by the EPMAP server.


Disable intrusion prevention When this option is selected, the scan of the EPMAP protocol will be disabled and traffic will be authorized if the filter policy allows it