Parameters tab

Connection settings

Connect automatically with an SSL certificate If this option is selected, you will no longer need to identify yourself, as you will be recognized directly thanks to your SSL certificate.
Log out when idle A duration can be set for the disconnection from your web interface:
  • 5 minutes,
  • 15 minutes,
  • 30 minutes,
  • 1 hour,
  • Always remain connected.

If the administrator has set a maximum timeout for all administrator accounts, higher timeouts will not appear in the drop-down menu.

Management interface behavior

Search every field of an object When you perform a search by letter or by word in the dedicated fields, the engine will check both the names and the comments, to find anything that matches the object of the search.
Disable real-time diagnoses of the security policy When you create a rule in the security policy, the diagnosis engine will automatically check if rules overlap and if errors have been detected. If this option is selected, a manual search for these possible errors will be implied.
Week starts on Sunday If this option is selected, Time objects that appear in the menu Objects will begin their weeks on Sunday.
Confirm before applying changes This option makes it possible to cancel operations if you have made a mistake or if you decide not to continue with your configuration.
A confirmation window will appear, allowing you to confirm or cancel your action.