Time object

Name of the object Name given to the port group during its creation.
Comments Description of the port group.

This dynamic field will be entered automatically based on the parameters selected for the definition of the time object.

For an ad hoc event: from <date> at <time> to <date> at <time>

Fixed event

This field allows defining “From” when the event takes place and until when it will continue. A day has to be defined from the calendar presented.

You will also need to define a time by entering the empty “to” field.

Day of the year

By default, this field indicates the date 01: 01. You can click on Add a date range and enter a start date and an end date for your event, by selecting the month and the day.

Day(s) of the week

The days affected by the event are marked with this icon . If you wish to remove a day, click once on it. If you wish to apply an additional day, such as a Saturday, for example, click once on the checkbox “Sat”. It will then be marked by the same icon described above and your event will affect this day.

Time slots

You can define time slots using these buttons:

  • Add a time slot, to add a time slot and to define the start and end time of your event.
  • To delete it.

New information regarding the time slot(s) will appear in the field Description.