Select a host to view or edit its properties. Each host has a name, an IP address and a DNS resolution (“Automatic” or “None (static IP)”) by default.

Name of the object Name given to the object during its creation. This field can be modified, and to save changes, you need to click on Apply and Save.
The icon to the right of the checkbox allows the object’s IP address to be obtained, which can be seen in the “IP address” field.
To obtain it, the object’s full URL must be entered.
IPv4 address IP address of the selected host.
DNS resolution The DNS (Domain Name System) resolution matches IP addresses with a domain name.

Two choices are possible:
  • None (static IP): The selected object has a fixed IP address that will be used every time.
  • Automatic: If this option is selected, the firewall will submit DNS requests every 5 minutes in order to determine the IP address of the selected object.
MAC address Media Access Control address. This address corresponds to the physical address of a network interface or of a network card, allowing the identification of a host on a local network.


Comments Description of the selected host.