General tab

This tab will allow you to automatically or manually install a license.

There are 2 ways to install a license manually:

  • By inserting the License file in the relevant field. Automatic configuration possible.
  • By looking for a new license.


  • Search for a new license: This button is used for finding new licenses or for updating the date of the last check for a license.
    By clicking on this button, a request to search for licenses will be sent to the appliance. If a license is found, a notification will appear in the General tab and the user will then have access to the button Install the new license. Licenses are searched for manually. If you prefer an automatic license search, you will need to change the settings in the advanced properties section in this tab.
  • Install the new license: If the firewall has found a license through the button Search for a new license, the button Install the new license will be enabled. By clicking on it, a download will be launched. Confirm or cancel the download.


  • Local firewall date: this date allows ensuring that the firewall’s date is correct. Expiry dates are calculated based on this date.
  • Last check for license updates performed on: date of the last time a request was made manually or automatically to search for licenses.

The Stormshield Network Firewall is sold by default with all features enabled. However, some features (URL filtering, high availability, among others) are optional and not enabled. Certain options, such as updates, are valid for a limited period. If the expiry date has lapsed, some options will be disabled on the firewall.

Important information about the license

The license configuration window shows you the version of your firewall, information on the hardware and the various options with their expiry dates, if any.

Icons and colors will indicate if an option is approaching its expiry date or has expired.

Installing from a file

You can install your first license here if you do not have internet access or if you wish to manage licenses yourself.

If you choose to use new features or renew certain options, please contact your reseller. A new encrypted file will then be given to you through your private area on Stormshield Network’s website.


License file This field allows you to insert a license that you have retrieved earlier from Stormshield Network’s website and activate the configuration on your firewall. The button Install the license file will validate the installation of the license file on the appliance. Information concerning your firewall will be modified and the new options will be enabled on the firewall.

The options that require rebooting the firewall are changes to encryption strength and the addition or removal of network interface cards.
In order to be accessible, these modules, even if they are physically installed, require the installation of the appropriate license following a reboot.

Advanced properties

Here, you can define how frequently the firewall will look for updates as well as the type of installation (manual or automatic).

Look for license updates Indicates how frequently searches will be conducted. If a license is found, a notification will appear in the information panel of the General tab, which may look like this: “! A new license is available for U30XXA32100950”.
Install license after it has been downloaded
  • If you select always manual (using the button install a new license), the button Install the new license will appear whenever a license is suggested. The new license can therefore be compared against the current license in the License details tab.
    If the license is suitable, click on Install the new license. A notification will appear, informing you that the current license is up to date.
  • If you select automatic when possible (no reboot necessary), the appliance will install the license.
    Please note that there are several different notifications:
    • "License Update: a new license is available” will appear when this is clearly the case. Every message is associated with an alarm (68 in this case).
    • The following can also be seen: 69= ”License Update: Temporary license, registration is necessary” or 71= ”License Update: A new license has been installed”

These messages can be seen in SNMP and syslog.
To enable the sending of these messages, go to the menu Notifications, Logs-Syslog or SNMP Agent.