Modifying a PPTP modem

Double-click on the PPTP interface that you wish to modify - its control panel will open.

“General configuration” tab


ON / OFF Set the switch to ON / OFF to enable/disable the modem.
By disabling an interface, it becomes unusable. You can disable modems that are not yet active, but which you intend to use in the future. An interface which has been disabled because it is not in use is an example of an additional security measure against intrusions.

General Settings

Name (mandatory) Name given to the modem. (See warning in the introduction to the section on Interfaces)
Comments Allows you to enter comments regarding the modem.
Modem type Reminder of the type of modem chosen when the modem was created.


PPTP address Enter the internal IP address of the modem.


ID Enter the ID used for authentication.
  1. Enter the password used for authentication.
    If you click on the key icon to the right of the field, the password will appear in plaintext for 5 seconds.
  2. Confirm password
    A progress bar will indicate the strength of the password.

“Advanced properties” tab

Other settings

Connection The On demand connection sets up the connection with the Internet only when a connection request comes from the internal network (this mode is more cost-effective for links that are charged by duration).
The Permanent connection keeps the connection to the Internet permanently active.