List of peers

Search in peers This field allows performing searches on the name of the object and its various properties, by occurrence, letter or word.
Filter 3 choices are possible. You can view:
  • All peers, including gateways and mobile users,
  • Gateways,
  • Mobile peers.
Add Peers can be added to this area. To do so, select the type of peer to create from the drop-down list: a “New IKEv1 remote site”, a “New IKEv2 remote site“, a “New IKEv1 mobile peer” or a “New IKEv2 mobile peer”.

You can also “Copy from the selection” – the copied peer will be duplicated.
To do this, click on the peer to be copied and enter its new name in the window that appears.
Delete Select the peer to be deleted from the list and click on Delete.
Rename Select the peer from the list and click on Rename.
Name Name given to the peer during the creation phase.