Encryption policy – Tunnels tab

IPsec policies can now group peers that use various versions of the IKE protocol with restrictions on the use of the IKEv1 protocol (cf. section Explanations on usage in Release Notes v4).

Profile bar The drop-down menu offers 10 IPsec profiles numbered from (1) to (10).
To select a profile in order to configure it, click on the arrow to the right of the field.
Activate this policy Immediately activates the selected IPsec policy: parameters saved in this policy will overwrite current parameters in force.
Actions This function allows performing 3 operations on profiles:
  • Rename: by clicking on this option, a window comprising two fields will appear. It will allow you to modify the name and add comments. Once the operation has been performed, click on “Update”. This operation can also be canceled.
  • Reinitialize: Deletes all changes made to the profile. The configuration will therefore be lost.
  • Copy to: This option allows copying a profile to another, with all the information from the copied profile transmitted to the receiving profile. It will also have the same name.
Last modification This icon allows finding out the date and time of the last modification. The time displayed is the appliance’s time instead of your workstation’s time.
Disable policy This button allows immediately deactivating the selected IPsec policy.