This module will allow you to create first of all, a cluster or a group of firewalls. Once this is done, another firewall can be added to join the cluster that you have just initialized.

Do note that only traffic relating to high availability must pass through HA links. The VLAN creation wizard, for example, does not allow selecting HA interfaces to support VLANs in the process of being created.

Stormshield Network’s high availability operates in “Active/passive” mode: Consider a cluster containing 2 firewalls. If the firewall considered “active” fails, or if a cable has been disconnected, the second firewall considered “passive” will seamlessly take over. As such, the “passive” firewall becomes “active”.

A video from Stormshield Network’s WebTV on YouTube will guide you step by step in the configuration of a group of Stormshield Network firewalls (cluster). Click on this link to access the video: ​Configuring a Stormshield Network firewall cluster.

The configuration of high availability takes place in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Creating a cluster / joining an existing cluster
  • Step 2: Configuring network interfaces: the main link and the secondary link (optional)
  • Step 3: Defining the cluster’s pre-shared key
  • Step 4: Summary of the steps and application of configured settings

Once you are done with these 4 steps, a new screen will appear suggesting new configurations within the high availability module.

A communication link between members of a cluster has to be set up from a protected interface. The configuration can be changed in the Interfaces module.