“Recipients” tab

This screen consists of 2 views:

  • Recipient groups
  • Select a group

Each group contains a certain number of e-mail addresses

Up to 50 groups can be created.

There are no pre-configured groups. You may add new groups and comments, and delete groups.

Each group must contain at least one e-mail address. There is no restriction to the number of e-mail addresses in a group.

Next, you will be able to select a group to which detailed or simplified vulnerability reports can be sent, in the menu Application protection > Vulnerability manager.

Creating a group

To find out which characters are allowed or prohibited in various fields, please refer to the section Allowed names.

  1. Click on the button New recipient group.
    A new line will appear in the list and you will be asked to enter the name that you wish to give the group.
  2. You can add comments regarding this group, by filling in the field in Comments column.

To add a recipient:

  1. Go to the selected group.
    Its name will appear on the right in the field Recipients of group: <groupname>.
  2. Next, click on Add new recipient to group.
    A screen will appear, allowing you to indicate either the recipient’s e-mail address or the user or the group he belongs to if it exists in the object database. Any e-mail address can be entered, but the format of the address will be checked.

Deleting a group

  1. Select the line to delete.
  2. Click on the button Remove. The message “Delete the group <group name>?” will appear. By clicking on “Yes”, the group will be deleted from the list.

Groups can be deleted only if the group is not being used in another configuration on the firewall.

If you wish to delete a group that is active in another module, a pop-up window will appear with the following options: force deletion, check where the group is being used, or cancel.

Check use

The Check use button allows checking if a group of e-mail is used in the different modules of the firewall’s configuration.

  1. Select the line to check.
  2. Click on the button Check use in order to check.