Monitoring and configuration modules

The Monitoring and Configuration tabs in the upper banner make it possible to access the firewall’s monitoring and configuration modules respectively. When a tab is opened, the menu on the left enables access to the various modules.

The module menu is laid out in the form of a retractable column ( button) that contains several drop-down sections and a list of favorite modules.

Favorite modules

Favorite modules are listed in the drop-down menu under the icon .

To add a module to the list of favorites, click on the icon to the right of the title of the module.

Access to modules

Click on a module to access it. The display at the center of the page will then be refreshed with the contents of the open module.

If certain modules are grayed out in the menus, this may mean that:

  • You have not subscribed to the required license and therefore cannot access them.

  • The connected user does not have the necessary privileges for accessing these modules.