Importing a file

Files that contain one or several of the following items can be imported:

  • Certificate(s),
  • Private key(s),
  • CRL,
  • CA,
  • CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

Importing a file

  1. Click on Add.
  2. Select Import a file.
  3. In the File to import field, click on the icon to browse your computer and select the file.
  4. The firewall will automatically detect the File format. If this is not the case, select the appropriate format (P12, DER or PEM).
  5. If the file is a PKCS#12 (P12 extension), enter the Password that protects the file.
  6. Indicate What to import from the file (if the file contains several items of different types, you can select only one type).
  7. If the items to be imported are already in your PKI, select Overwrite existing content in the PKI.
  8. Click on Import.

If the items to be imported are authorities, identities or certificates, they will automatically added to the tree.

When you scroll over these items, the Type field in the tool tip will indicate that these are imported items.