List of commands

The window displays by default the 16 main executable commands that are part of the “HELP” category.

By entering the “HELP” command in the data entry zone that we will see later, the list that summarizes the main commands will appear again.

The following are the visible commands:

AUTH Used with the aim of avoiding spoofing, this command allows the user or the administrator to authenticate in total security.
CHPWD Allows redefining the password if necessary.
CONFIG Allows accessing the firewall’s configuration features, which group 38 implicit commands (ACTIVATE CONFIG, ANTISPAM CONFIG etc., cf “Data entry zone”).
GLOBALADMIN Allows obtaining information about the system and consists of two implicit commands: GETINFOS and GETSTATUS.
HA: Allows accessing high availability features, grouping 8 commands.
HELP This command, as indicated earlier, allows displaying the list of main executable commands.
LIST Displays the list of connected users, by showing user privileges (by level) and privileges for the session in progress (SessionLevel).
LOG Allows viewing the Stormshield Network multifunction firewall’s activity logs, groups 6 commands.
MODIFY This command is a specific privilege that allows the user to modify the configuration of a module, in addition to reading privileges.
MONITOR Allows accessing features relating to MONITOR, contains 20 commands.
NOP Does not perform any action and while preventing the server from logging off.
PKI Allows displaying or downloading the PKI, groups 7 commands.
QUIT Allows logging off.
SYSTEM Groups 20 commands relating to the system.
USER Groups 12 commands relating to the user.
VERSION Allows displaying the version of the server.