Data entry zone

When you go to the CLI module, the area in which commands are entered is the main focus.

To the right of it, there are two buttons and a checkbox, which allow modifying certain actions:

Launch This button allows launching the command that was entered manually.
The command will also be launched when the user presses “Enter”.

In the field for editing commands, you can browse through the various commands that have already been launched, using the Up / Down buttons.
Command history is stored and re-used each time the web application is launched.

Clear display This button allows erasing the list of commands displayed above it (cf. “List of commands”). To view them again, enter the HELP command in the data entry zone and click on “Launch”.
Multiline mode Select this checkbox to run a command block.
This command block may, for example, be generated from a recorded sequence of commands (Record commands button).
Stop if error This checkbox becomes available only when multiline mode has been enabled.
If this option is selected, the command sequence will be interrupted as soon as the first error is found.

Most commands displayed in the list at the top of the page involve others. To view all these commands, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the command of your choice in the text entry zone.
  2. Click on “Launch”.
  3. Depending on the command you have selected, the list will display the additional commands included in it.

If you enter the CONFIG command, all commands relating to it will appear on the screen.
To use one of these commands, enter “CONFIG” in the data entry zone, followed by a space and the desired command, such as: “CONFIG HA”.