Available methods tab

This screen offers the choice of one or several authentication methods and their configuration.

Interactive features

Some operations listed in the taskbar can be performed by right-clicking on the table of available methods:

  • Delete (the selected method).

Authentication methods

The left column is dedicated to the list of authentication methods. The right column displays the options for setting the selected authentication method.

The button Add a method opens a drop-down list that offers a choice of eight authentication methods that you can Delete if necessary. These methods are:

  • LDAP,
  • SSL certificate,
  • Radius,
  • Kerberos,
  • Transparent authentication (SPNEGO),
  • SSO agent,
  • Guest methods
  • Temporary accounts,
  • Sponsorship method.
  • One-time password (TOTP).

When temporary account management is enabled on the firewall, the Temporary accounts method will automatically appear in the column of authentication methods.