Advanced properties

Update servers of the URL database

If the Stormshield Network URL database has been selected as the URL database provider (menu Object > Web objects, URL database tab), servers other than Stormshield Network servers can be entered. This allows you to update the Stormshield Network URL database through internal mirror sites or import your own URL database.

URL Update files are retrieved on one of the servers defined by the user. 4 URLs are defined by default. To add a URL, click on Add; the following URL will be added by default: Replace this with your own URL and click on Apply. To delete a URL from the list, select it and click on Delete.
Update frequency Indicates the frequency with which dynamic URL lists, ASQ contextual signatures and the antispam configuration are updated. The frequency is indicated as 3 hours, and can be modified in console mode.

Update servers of customized context-based protection signatures

When you use customized context-based protection signatures hosted on one or several internal server(s), enter the URL(s) to access this or these server(s) in order for these signatures to benefit from automatic updates.

Update servers

Stormshield Network update servers are entered by default, but you can customize these addresses to set up internal mirror sites. For further information, refer to the article in the Stormshield Knowledge base How to create my own autoupdate server for my Stormshield UTMs.